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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Chiropractic care and treatments. Click on the question to see the answer:

Why Chiropractic Care?
What is the principle behind chiropractic practice?
How does a chiropractor correct the nerve interference?
What training does a Chiropractor receive?
What's the difference between Chiropractic/Physiotherapy/Osteopathy?
What is a subluxation?
What Is An Adjustment?
What’s that loud pop we hear during some chiropractic adjustments?
Is chiropractic care safe?
Are all patients adjusted the same way?
Is chiropractic care appropriate for children?
Can the elderly benefit from chiropractic care?
Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy?
Do all patients receive the same standard of chiropractic care?
Should I visit my chiropractor if I’m not in pain?
How long should I continue my visits to the chiropractor?
Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?
What results can I expect?
What should you bring with you and wear?
Do you need a referral from a GP?
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